Setting up Your Own Signon Proc with CA Roscoe

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How can I create my own sign-on proc?


You can create your own sign-on proc to reassign pfkeys, change parameter values, and issue commands, such as SET PRIV ON.

Create an RPF in your ROSLIB by doing the following:

On the Roscoe command line, type I

This opens an AWS session for editing.

Type in this sample RPF. Roscoe supplies the sequence numbers

000100 <<MYSIGNON>>
000200 TRAP ON
000300 LET PF1 = 'SPLIT'
000400 SET PRIV ON
000500 TRAP OFF

When done, type SAVE MYSIGNON on the command line and CA Roscoe saves it in your Roscoe library with the membername MYSIGNON. You can edit it whenever you want. Many different commands and settings may be entered in your proc.

Type STATUS SESSION on the CA Roscoe Command line and look for the parameter SIGNON ==> at the lower right. If there is already an entry there, make a note of it before typing over it. You can look at that member later or restore if you want.

Type in the name of the sign-on RPF that you created and it will update by adding your prefix (shown here as ABD).


Type OFFON */* to sign on and off and test the sign-on proc.