Setting up threshold for DEVICE PORT COUNT EXCEEDED THRESHOLD alarm

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You are getting "DEVICE PORT COUNT EXCEEDED THRESHOLD" minor alarm on a device that has more than 5000 interfaces/ports. You wish you can configure the threshold value. This article describes how you can configure the threshold value of that alarm and also recommend to filter interfaces modeling.


Why do I get "DEVICE PORT COUNT EXCEEDED THRESHOLD" minor alarm? Can I configure the threshold value?

Spectrum 10.x on all platforms

Devices with large number of ports can cause performance issues to SpectroSERVER. By default, Spectrum generates "DEVICE PORT COUNT EXCEEDED THRESHOLD" minor alarm (cause code 0x1022e) if the port count is higher than 5000. Spectrum is monitoring the ifNumber attribute (attribute id = 0x100c3, OID = to get the port count.

The threshold value can be configured in $SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc using "high_port_count_threshold" parameter. E.g. if you want to increase to 30000 instead of 5000 (default value) add the following line in .vnmrc and restart SpectroSERVER.


However, the recommendation is to restrict Spectrum from modeling unnecessary ports on the device so that we can avoid performance issue. To do that please refer to TEC555466