Setting up the OAM Object Tape Volume Return to MVS Scratch Exit Routine.

Document ID : KB000020077
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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OAM supplies an interface to scratch volume from the OAM Object database when all of the data has expired.

The CBRUXTVS exit will update the scratch indictor within CA-1.


When tape data sets are defined to OAM as objects, OAM controls their expiration. When OAM in its External Data Manager (EDM) role expires a tape, it must notify CA 1 so the tape can be scratched and reused. This notification is performed by calling the CBRUXTVS_EXIT entry point in the ARCTVEXT module. To enable this dynamic exit entry point, you update SYS1.PARMLIB member PROGnn with the following entry:


The exit can also be enabled dynamically with the SETPROG EXIT MVS command.

This exit is only supported by OAM in z/OS 1.7 and higher operating systems.

For more information on this interface, refer to the IBM z/OS DFSMS manual Using the New Functions (SC26-7473-11).