Setting up of ulimits value with the System Agent

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We are looking for a solution on RHEL7 ulimits, whenever we are making changes to /etc/init.d/limits.conf and start the autosys agent it does not pick up the correct limits. Is there any best way to change the  ulimit values and Start the Autosys Agent and see whether the u limit values are getting reflected or not?
System Agent 11.3 any Service pack on Redhat 7.x

Here, the requirement was to set ulimit -c 65536

We can  set "ulimit -n 65536" in the startup script of the System Agent located in directory : /etc/rc.d/init.d 

On mine it is in file /etc/rc.d/init.d/waae_agent-WA_AGENT 

By this way, the System Agent will pick up this value when it is started during the reboot of the server or when started by the Linux systemctl command or by the unisrvcntr command if the system agent has been installed from the Autosys DVD

Be aware that if the System Agent is started by command "cybAgent -a" , then you can either update the cybAgent script with 'ulimit -n 65536' or you have to set it at the end of file file: " /etc/security/limits.conf " like that for any user 

* hard nofile 65536 
* soft nofile 65536 
# End of file 

Or if only for user root: 

root hard nofile 65536 
root soft nofile 65536 
# End of file 

If you change anything in this /etc/security/limits.conf file, a reboot is required 
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See also how to integrate it with Linux systemctl command: 

On some RedHat servers, usage of LimitNOFILE described in above technical document does not work 

See this post: 

The systemd LimitNOFILE limit is not taken into account 
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A process has different limits although the LimitNOFILE systemd variable has been set for the service.