Setting Up Email Notifications on RAID Controllers

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How To Up Email Notifications on RAID Controllers for Gigastor


  1. Launch the Areca HTTP Proxy Server GUI from the Windows Start Menu

    Figure 1

    This will launch an application which will go to the SysTray of the Taskbar.:

    Figure 2

  2. Double Click on this icon. This will launch the GUI itself.

    Figure 3

  3. Click on Controller #01 (PCI) and then click on the Start button.

  4. This will bring up the following login screen. By default the login information is:

    Figure 4

    UserID: admin
    Password: <blank>

  5. Once you enter the main HTTP GUI screen you will need to select System Controls menu and then the Alert By Mail Config:

    Figure 5

  6. On the right side is the setup information for the Email setup.

    1. SMTP Server IP Address: Enter the IP Address for your companies SMTP server.

    2. Sender Name: Type in a name that the email will say it came from

    3. Mail Address: Type in the address that the email will come from.

    4. Account: Provide an account to log into the SMTP server (usually this is the email address minus the information)

    5. Password: Type in the password for the Account name provided in step 4 to log into the SMTP server

    6. MailTo Name 1-4: Type in the name of the person who you wish the emails to go to. You can enter in up to 4 separate email names:

    7. Mail Address 1-4: Type in the email addresses of the people you wish the emails to go to from step 6.

    8. Event Notification Configuration: Select the level for the event notification. In general setting this setting to Warning Error Notifications will

    9. Checkmark the Confirm This Operation and then click on Submit.

      Figure 6

Email notifications will now be sent to the supplied email boxes in the event of a failure on the RAID array.