Setting a default value for a field on a form in Web Screen Painter does not work as expected for Service Desk

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Last Modified Date : 31/05/2018
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Setting the default value in Web Screen Painter (WSP) for a field on a form does not actually work. When creating a new object you notice that it is not defaulting to the values you specified in WSP. Two such fields we see this behavior on for example are Impact and Priority for Requests. When the default value is set and a new request is created they will still default to None instead of the value you set.

CA Service Desk Manager 12.x, 14.1, 17.0

This is expected as some attributes have a default value set on the majic layer. The default attribute defined on the Web Screen Painter macro is only used when the domsrvr/majic layer is defaulting to NULL as the domsrvr/majic layer takes precedence over the macro.


The workaround is to default these attributes to NULL instead. To do this:


Find the attribute you are trying to default in Schema Designer. (For example, a Request's Impact would be found under cr (Request) -> impact (Impact))

After selecting the attribute click on the Advanced tab on the right pane.

Under Site-Defined Triggers put: "ON_NEW DEFAULT "NULL";" without the outer quotes.

Repeat for all attributes you want to set your own default for.

Click File -> Save and Publish

Stop Service Desk Manager and run pdm_publish.

Start Service Desk Manager and you should see your default values take place.

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