Set up Unicode in Oracle for CA Software Change Manager (SCM)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Problem Description:

The non-English characters are not appearing correctly in the Software Change Manager user interface. How do I make them appear with the correct formatting?


The first step in being able to correctly display non-English characters is to make sure that your database is correctly using a character set that supports these types of characters. Your DBA will be able to ensure that the correct character set is used in your database when it is initially set up.

The next step is to make sure that the correct NLS_LANG values have been set. Setting NLS_LANG tells Oracle what character set the client is using so Oracle can do conversion if needed from client's characterset to the database character set and setting this parameter on the client does not change the client's character set. Setting Language and Territory in NLS_LANG has nothing to do with storing characters in database, it's controlled by the character set and of course if the database can store that character set.

NLS_LANG=<language>_<territory>.<character set>

So for Spanish characters for example, you would set NLS_LANG as:


To find the NLS_LANG of your database one can run the following SQL:


If the NLS_LANG values returned do not match the correct ones for the language you are currently using, you set NLS_LANG in your initialization parameter file (init.ora).