Session timeout whilst saving Clarity UI Theme causes the Theme to become lost/corrupted

Document ID : KB000072611
Last Modified Date : 06/03/2018
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During a long editing period of a UI Theme, if your session times out and then you click Save and Return it is possible for your theme to be incorrectly saved to the system leaving it incomplete.

Steps to Reproduce:
  1. Alter Clarity's Minutes Of Activity Until Logout in the General Settings page to 2 minutes (note: this is just to demonstrate the issue more quickly but the problem exists with larger values like 60 minutes just the same).
  2. Navigate to Admin > Studio: UI Themes.
  3. Click on 'Default' or 'Teal and Grey' as available depending on your version of Clarity, and copy the entire contents of the CSS to the clipboard.
  4. Click Return.
  5. Click New to create a new theme.
  6. Call it 'test' with ID 'test' and paste the CSS into the field from the clipboard.
  7. Click Save and Return.
  8. Click on 'test' theme to open its properties again.
  9. Wait 3 minutes.
  10. Click on Save and Return.
Expected Result:  User should be returned to login screen with the stock 'session timeout' message, with no theme corruption and without half of the theme CSS being displayed on the login page as plain text.
Actual Result: User is returned to login screen with the stock 'session timeout' message including additional text from the CSS on the page. Upon logging back into Clarity and checking the theme, half of it has been lost.
CA PPM 14.2
Caused by CLRT-78982
The issue has been fixed from CA PPM 15.x onwards. 
Additional Information:
No workaround has been identified for this problem. Just keep the session current and not timing out between saves to prevent it from occurring.