Session Timeout feature in Webview, Workstation, CEM UI

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Do we have an option enable session time out?  Like after logging into webview/workstation/cem UI if we do not access the url for few minutes the session should stay time out.





It is available in tess-default-properties file.

#specify cem UI session timeout in minutes. Default is 720 minutes and valid range is 5 to 30000 minutes 
#specify for login page autocomplete is needed or not. default is true and the valid values are either true or false 



We don’t have a time out and per user configurable timeouts as well.


Webview session time out is not in support since 9.0.6/7 on wards. The session time out is configured to –1 as you see below in the later versions (Jetty-6.1.26.jar). 

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This was configured that way till 9.5.x releases.Later because of a socket leak that is causing EM to crash due to this jar (jetty-6.1.26) - > it was reverted to 6.1.25 and was delivered in HF  - HF #16 which later got ported to 9.6. 

In earlier versions we used to have - "your webview session will end in two minutes, due to inactivity.\\npress OK to extend the session, cancel to let the session end."

But we don’t have it anymore since we moved to newer architecture.  


Later versions of the product did have a configurable time out (10.0) on wards for ACC.




Currently in introscope workstation there is no session limit.