Session issue between two application belonging to same policy server but different user store

Document ID : KB000100041
Last Modified Date : 06/06/2018
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User getting UnauthorizedAccess massage when they trying to access two application using same policy server but different user store in different tab of same browser.
Note1 : User is authorized for both application .
Note2 : If user try to access application in different session or private window then both application working fine .
Note 3: Issue is that user successfully authenticate and authorized for first application and if they try to access Second application in same session or in new tab then getting UnauthorizedAccess massage and same result when they try vice-versa scenario
User Directory needs to be part of both applications. Other wise, the SMSESSION Cookie will not be allowed as it has the user directory of the user that was authenticated.

Add the User Directory to both Applications/Domains and in the Policies to Authorize the user.