Services from Swagger Do Not Resolve JSON $REF Statements

Document ID : KB000117143
Last Modified Date : 08/10/2018
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The Swagger contains JSON relative reference notations ($REF) to objects in the JSON structure.  When the Workstation is used to generate a virtual service, these references are not resolved which causes the resulting VSI Response to not contain the proper response data.

A sample of the reference looks like the below:  
"parameters": [ 

"name": "body", 
"in": "body", 
"required": true, 
"description": "Account summary information", 
"schema": { 
"$ref": "#/definitions/DetailsRequest" 


"definitions": { 
"DetailsRequest": { 
"type": "object", 
"required": [ 
"properties": { 
"Test.accountNumber": { 
"type": "string", 
"description": "Acct number is the unique" 
"pId": { 
"type": "string", 
"description": "product id" 
"pType": { 
"type": "string", 
"description": "product type" 

Created VS doesn't show the response related to "$ref": "#/definitions/DetailsRequest". It just shows as below:
{"status": { 
"code": "{{=[:StringProperty:A*(5-15)]}}", 
"message": "{{=[:StringProperty:A*(5-15)]}}" 
DevTest 10.3
Please open a support case and refer DE381057 and we can share the patch for 10.3.