Services fail on Node B when NX.env file is copied from Node A in an application cluster environment.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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If the Service Desk application is clustered, and NX.env file is copied from node A to node B, services may fails on Node B. However, services may run successfully on Node A.


When NX.env is copied from Node A to Node B , services fail under Node B.

Error message as per stdlog file:-

04/30 10:39:45.44 mtlwimdb pdm_d_mgr   3204 SIGNIFICANT  mgr_os_if.c  
2460 Unable to connect to SQL Server database mdb on server xxxxxxxx

Steps to perform:-

  1. Create nx.env file under the root drive (c:)

  2. Copy only @NX_DUMMY, @NX_EIAM_CERT_PASSWORD, @NX_CAWF_PASSWORD, and save it.
    A custom NX.env should be placed on the root location of the system drive (usually c:\nx.env) on each participating server in a failover cluster. Within this local NX.env file, the custom password entries specific only for that server will be stored. i.e. The 3 variables mentioned above.

  3. When ever service desk services are up and running , the local NX.env file under C:\ will be looked up first before any NX.env file under the shared drive.

Important Note:please copy only @NX_DUMMY, @NX_EIAM_CERT_PASSWORD, @NX_CAWF_PASSWORD.