Service Specific Error 651 Starting the XCOMD CA XCOM Scheduler Service

Document ID : KB000027408
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After performing a "typical" install, the XCOMD CA XCOM Scheduler Service may not start and the following error message may be displayed:

 Service specific error code 651


A typical install for CA XCOM will install both SNA and TCPIP support. When XCOMD starts, CA XCOM expects SNA to be available and working. When it is not, CA XCOM displays service specific error code 651


 The solution to this is to remove any SNA information from the CA XCOM configuration files.

  1. In \xcomnt\config\xcom.glb, change PROTOCOL=SNA to PROTOCOL=TCPIP. This path may differ depending on where you installed CA XCOM.

  2. Also in xcom.glb, set TP_CMD= (there should be nothing on the line after the = until the end of the line). Do not comment out TP_CMD.

  3. Also make sure the \xcomnt\xcom.cnf file or any other .cnf files specify PROTOCOL=TCPIP.

  4. Start the XCOMD CA XCOM Scheduler Service.