tunnel hub server was renamed, now both names show up in the IM console

Document ID : KB000073097
Last Modified Date : 13/03/2018
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A server hosting a UIM tunnel hub was renamed. After the server was renamed both the old and new names are showing up in the IM console tree. If the old name is removed from the IM console tree it just comes back after a few minutes. 
Hub and tunnel configuration details are maintained in \nimsoft\hub hub.cfg.
Edit hub.cfg and look for the old hub name which is most likely to be found in the tunnel section, and correct to the new server name. 

Next information for the IM console tree in regards to hub is maintained in \nimsoft\hub hub.sds. 
The information in hub.sds is synced between all the hubs.
The view can be viewed for verification that the old name is there but it can not be edited.
Instead rename or remove hub.sds.
Then from in the IM console tree select the hub > right click > Restart. 

After the restart hub.sds will be automatically rebuilt and synced up with the other hubs. Initially the old hub name may appear in the IM console tree but it should be automatically removed after the hub to hub sync process is done.