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Last Modified Date : 25/10/2018
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Email notifications are working for all other user activities, however the reminder emails for things such as Action Items and Calendar events are not being sent.  This is how we set up our reminder notifications.  Is this the correct configuration to have the reminder notifications sent?

Steps to Reproduce:

For sending reminders on personal Action Items, created from Home, General portlet

  1. Create new action item with a future Due Date.  
  2. Check the "Recurring" checkbox. 
  3. Check 'Frequency' to 1. 
  4. Set 'Units' to Days. 
  5. In the 'Notify' Section, check the "Send Reminder" checkbox. 
  6. Set 'Time Before Reminder' to 1. 
  7. Set 'Units' to Minutes. 
  8. Assign one or more resource and 'Save' the item.  
  9. Wait for some time and check if the notification is sent.  

Expected Result: Reminder Email should be sent to the Assignee.  
Actual Result: No reminder email is sent to the Assignee. 



This behavior occurred only when we set "Time Before Reminder" to less than 15 minutes and it happens only with minutes, not with hours or days or weeks. The scheduled event "Send Action Item Reminder" job runs every 15 minutes and the job checks if the reminder date (time at which the reminder should be sent) is less than or equal to the present time and the time of occurrence of the action item is greater than or equal to the present time. Only if the above two conditions are satisfied, a notification mail is sent. The present behavior is like this because we might not want to send reminders of an action item which has been completed. Hence, if we need to send reminder notifications which are less than 15 minutes duration, execute the "Send Action Item Reminder" job manually.

Therefore, be sure the 'Notify' section is set to more than 15 minutes in the 'Time Before Reminder' field. 

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