Send Mail and the '&' symbol

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Send Mail and the '&' symbol
Detailed Description and Symptoms

A problem is encountered when using an "&" (ampersand) in outgoing email using SEND_MAIL in the "Process" and/or "Post Process" tabs


In Automic Script, The "&" is the first character of the name of a script variable. When a "&" is encountered on the Process, Pre Process, or Post Process tabs, it is treated as the start of a script variable name.  Placing the name in quotes/double quotes does not change how the "&" character is interpreted.


Try adding the following Automic script lines to include the '&' in your email address.



:set &amb# = '&'

:set &email# = '&&'


:SET &RET = SEND_MAIL('&email#','','OKPAGE','Automic OK',)