Segmentation Violation after installing Spectrum 9.2.2 on Redhat Linux (RHEL) version 5.8

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After installing Spectrum version 9.2.2 on Redhat Linux (RHEL) version 5 8 the SpectroSERVER immediately terminates with a Segmentation Violation when attempting to start it.


New with 9.2.2 the out-of-the-box SpectroSERVER executable include our memory manager version. The workaround for this issue on RHEL 5.8 is to use a version of the SpectroSERVER executable that does not include our memory manager.

Here's how to swap the executables:

  1. Navigate to $SPECROOT/SS

  2. mv SpectroSERVER SpectroSERVER_orig

  3. Navigate to $SPECROOT/SS/support

  4. cp -p SpectroSERVER_noMTS $SPECROOT/SS

  5. Navigate back to $SPECROOT/SS

  6. mv SpectroSERVER_noMTS SpectroSERVER

Before starting the SpectroSERVER with the new executable in place, a database save and reload should be done.

The SpectroSERVER will now start without issue.