Seeing null values in some columns of the Field Mapping table for sdgtw connection profiles

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Last Modified Date : 26/12/2018
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After cloning the ServiceNow connection profile in the sdgtw probe, validing the connection in the cloned connection profile and mapping new fields in in the cloned connection profile, after saving the changes, null values appear in the "unused" columns of the Field Mapping table.  This does not occur with the default ServiceNow connection profile.
UIM 8.51 or later
sdgtw probe 2.1T1 or earlier
When mapping new service desk fields in a connection profile, the probe only saves the minimal set of key value pairs for each mapped field.
Each of the mapped field sections in the default service desk connection profiles includes all 6 key value pairs for mapped fields.  The probe displays null values if the correspoding key is missing from the mapped field in the connection profile.
It is acceptable to have null values in any of the following columns in the Field Mapping table for a configured service desk connection profile as long as one of them has a valid value:

CA UIM Alarm Field
Default Value
Custom Value

For example, from the ServiceNow default connection profile, the Description field mapping section contains the following set of key value pairs:

   custom_mapping = true
   default_value =
   custom_value = Message: $message  AlarmID: $nimid  Origin: $origin  SubSystem: $subsys
   alarm_field =
   nim_field = description

And from the sdgtw probe Configure page we see only that the CA UIM Alarm Field contains a null value (because the probe is directed not to use a field from the UIM alarm for the value sent for the Description field in ServiceNow):

Default Service Now Field Mapping table

When adding a new field mapping to an existing, valid connection profile, the probe does not populate all fields in the mapped field section so the probe displays null values for these fields.  For example after adding a new mapping to the ServiceNow Work Notes field and specifying that a custom value be used, the following is saved in the sdgtw.cfg file for the connection profile:

   custom_value = Message: $message  AlarmID: $nimid  Origin: $origin  SubSystem: $subsys
   nim_field = work_notes
   alarm_field =

This shows up on the Field Mapping table in the sdgtw Configure page as follows:

New Work Notes field mapping added to ServiceNow connection profile

In this case the Custom Value column for the work_notes Service Desk Field contains a valid value and the other two columns contain nulls.  This is the working as currently designed.