Seeing neighbor oddities in OneClick

Document ID : KB000118564
Last Modified Date : 30/11/2018
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looking at various topology views there are many instances of live links that are yellow (not enabled).  When selecting the interface and right-clicking to choose the option to Enable/Disable Live Links, the option is not listed at all.  If I then double-click on the link, the component details for the Link Information displays the LAN switch and the device to be linked in a strange overlap (as though the devices were "merged").  If I try to delete the link and recreate it, I am presented with the error message "You do not have permission to delete the following connections:..." The only way I have seen to properly establish and enable to link is to destroy the non Switch device model and remodel it.  Why are we in this "hung" state and can we resolve our problem without remodeling.
1. Select all the devices / connections in that container. 
2. Right Click -> Cut 
3. Once they are all out of the view: Right Click -> Paste 

This will repaint the view.