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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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While using the ForgottenPassword self-service user gets the message below after answer the question, and not able to proceed with the next question.


"the user doesn't have enough questions configured" 


Why do users are receiving this message instead of the next Questions?

Identity Manager 12.x and 14.0Identity Suite 12.x and 14.0

This message refers to the configuration of "Number of questions", "Number of acceptable incorrect answers", and Total questions configured to the user


The "Number of acceptable incorrect answers" + "Number of questions" must not exceed total number of questions 



For example, in you case, the Total number of question is 5, if you set the "Number of questions" = 3, the "Number of acceptable incorrect answers" can 

not be greater than 2 


Because, Number of question (3) + Number incorrect answers (2) = 5 


Other possible error:

If you have Number of question (3) + Number incorrect answers (3) = 6 You will get the error message. 

You cannot have the sum value (6) greater than user "Total Number of Questions" 



Additional Information:

More information about these configuration, access


Open the Identity Manager or Identity Suite documentation and navigate to

Home > Configuring > User Console Design > Self-Service Tasks > Configure the Forgotten Password Reset and Forgotten User ID Tasks