Secondary Server Not Running after recycle services

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Our Secondary server stopped today and won't start correctly. When starting it, we receive the following error in secondary server stdlog:

pdm_ver 1136 SIGNIFICANT pdm_ver.c 978 AHD55003:CA Service Desk Manager is updating your client configuration.
proctor_mad-soc-v 1500 SIGNIFICANT pdm_process.c 927 Process stopped ("E:/Program Files (x86)/CA/SC/JRE/1.7.0_10/bin/java" return: 0
proctor_mad-soc-v 1500 SIGNIFICANT pdm_process.c 936 Stopped: "E:/Program Files (x86)/CA/SC/JRE/1.7.0_10/bin/java"
proctor_mad-soc-v 1548 ERROR pdm_process.c 921 Process stopped unexpected exit code from: C:/PROGRA~1/CA/SERVIC~1/bin/pdm_ver -s Expected: 0 Received: 255


The error in stdlog relates to version control when @NX_VER_CTL=UPGRADE in nx.env file.
There are some files differences in the site/mods between primary and secondary server. Due to the value upgrade, it would not start the secondary server in some processes.


Before you spend time to find the files differences in the site/mods between primary and secondary server, you can use the following steps to bring up the secondary server services.

1)Stop secondary services.
2)Backup nx.env on the secondary.
2a)Change @NX_VER_CTL value from UPGRADE to DISABLE.
3)Start secondary services.
Then, the secondary server should be up and run. Logon web UI should be without problem.

After that you can find the file differences in the site/mods between primary and secondary server, copy the file from the primary to secondary and restarted services with the @NX_VER_CTL=UPGRADE in secondary server nx.env.

Additional Information:

Another techdoc related to the version control TEC599738 - On a primary/secondary server it's possible to find the pdm_ver.exe process unable to start. This prevents all service desk daemons from starting up properly.