SECCACHE Storage and what happens to it if CA Top Secret comes down.

Document ID : KB000050996
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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  1. Where is the storage for the SECCACHE Control Option in CA Top Secret used?
  2. What happens to SECCACHE if CA Top Secret is 'recycled' or abends?



For SECCACHE, the Cache is managed in a Common Data Space, that can be accessed from all Address Spaces. The Common Data Space for SECCACHE is a separate Address Space, associated with the Master Address Space. This way, if CA Top Secret comes down, this Data Space doesn't go away, and the current Entries remain intact.

If CA Top Secret is 'recycled' or comes down, the SECCACHE stays there, and when CA Top Secret comes back up, it will resume using the Entries that were in there.

The SECCACHE can't be used while CA Top Secret is down.