Search via AWI always return http status 401 and 200, no matter what had been searched

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Last Modified Date : 12/06/2018
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I am testing the search via REST API: https://localhost:8088/ae/api/v1/100/search 

After many attempts, I find out that no matter what I search or the result is found or not, in the JCP logs always have two http status 401 and 200: 
20180525/111606.265 - 35 U00045098 Method 'POST', URL: 'http://vvnsupwin08:8088/ae/api/v1/100/search
20180525/111606.266 - 35 U00045099 The server replied with following status: '401' 
20180525/111606.513 - 35 U00045105 Log on of 'AE/AE' successful. 
20180525/111606.551 - 35 U00045098 Method 'POST', URL: 'http://vvnsupwin08:8088/ae/api/v1/100/search
20180525/111606.552 - 35 U00045099 The server replied with following status: '200' 

Relate to what I read from 

Http status 401 is stand for Unauthorized - the client lacks valid authentication credentials, i.e. you used a non-existing username/password. Also triggered if the authorization service is not available
New bug
The issue was confirmed as a bug and will be fixed in Automation.Engine 12.1.3, Automation.Engine 12.2.0