SDK Custom Java Agent not initializing.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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- SDK Custom Pure Java Agent is deployed and is not initializing without JCE patch.

Is JCE a requirement?



- "CA SiteMinder Programming Guide for Java" has the following documentation.

The SiteMinder Java Agent API has two implementations:


? The JNI Java Agent API, which relies on the native C/C++ Agent API libraries. It uses the interface presented in the SiteMinder SDK, versions 5.x and later.


? The pure Java Agent API, which replaces the native code used in the JNI Java Agent API with pure Java components. The present version of this API uses the same interface as the JNI Java Agent API.


You can choose to use either implementation. Because there are no native-mode components, the pure Java Agent API is highly portable to new platforms. It requires certification only against the Java Virtual Machine hosting the implementation, rather than against individual operating systems and hardware platforms.



Important! To use the pure Java API, your Java JCE must be unlimited strength jurisdiction. You can download the files from Sun at the following URL:


           Above is from R12.0 Documentation.

           This information is missing in the R12.52 documentations but "Unlimited Strength Juristiction" patch is still required.

           There could be other reasons why it does not initialize but If your Java Agent is not initializing, try applying "Unlimited Strength Jurisdiction" patch.