Screen Entry Details field changes not being saved

Document ID : KB000074015
Last Modified Date : 16/03/2018
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We have a dspfil function, and on the screen, we are trying to change one of the fields' label location from "C" for Column to "B" for Before. However, every time we change it, F3 out of the function to save, then go back into the screen design, and the label location is back to Column. 
How do i resolve this problem?
The cause of the problem is likely that there are duplicate records in YSCRENTRFP for this field and screen.
Use YWRKF on YSCRENTRFP to find the duplicate record and delete it.

Details of this are:
To use YWRKF on YSCRENTRFP to find the duplicate record and delete it. 
You need to get the surrogate number of both the function and the field in question via a 'U'sage on each object and placing an '8' against the 'REASON' that is showing at '*OBJECT'. 
The surrogate number should be located on the top-right of the screen. 
From a command line, do a YWRKF YSCRENTRFP against the mdllib. Press 
F7=Select and blank out the 'Scan limit'. Set 'Message surrogate' EQ to the function surrogate. Next, set 'Field sgt' EQ to the field surrogate number. Press ENTER. 

If you see 2 records, then that's the problem. There should only be one record. I would delete both, since the record will be created again upon saving the function