Scoreboard is garbled after changing the Access Type from Analyst to Employee Role

Document ID : KB000027084
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Scoreboard of the users is garbled after their access type is changed


Scoreboard items that are specific to the 'Analyst' user are retained after an Access Type change. In some cases it may be required to reset the user's scoreboard so that they receive the default scoreboard for their new Access Type of 'Employee'.


The following commands should be run on the Primary server for each users who is facing this problem.

  1. Service Desk stores its Scoreboard Queries and the links from the users to the Scoreboard Queries in two tables:

    Cr_Stored_Queries and User_Query.

    Take a backup of the User_Query and Cr_Stored_Queries tables by running the below commands from the command prompt of the Primary server:

    pdm_extract User_Query > usq.txt
    pdm_extract Cr_Stored_Queries > crsq.txt

  2. Obtain the uuid/persid of the contact who has the problem ex:"ServiceDesk" by running the command below from the Primary Service Desk server:

    pdm_extract -f "select id from ca_contact where userid = '<user's Service Desk login>'"

    This will return output like the following:

    {"7030D9A7191E9A49B7E7ECCA780C39DD" }

  3. Then extract the queries associated for that same user by running the commands below from the Primary Server:

    pdm_extract -f "select * from User_Query where:
    obj_persid='cnt:7030D9A7191E9A49B7E7ECCA780C39DD'" > sdquery.txt

    Note, it is required to add the 'cnt:' before the uuid.

  4. Remove the stored queries for the Contact:

    pdm_load -r -f sdquery.txt

  5. Refresh the Application's cache on the User_Query table

    pdm_cache_refresh -v -t User_Query

  6. Next, login again with the same user. This user will now get the default scoreboard.