Schedule % Complete Calculation in Open Workbench

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Last Modified Date : 17/12/2018
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What rates are used for the BCWS and BAC values that are then used to calculate the Schedule % Complete in OWB? 
The Schedule % Complete field is calculated in Open Workbench using the below formula: 
Schedule % Complete = BCWS / BAC

BAC (Budget at Completion) is the budgeted total cost at the time of the baseline.
BCWS (Budgeted Cost of Work Scheduled) is the sum of BAC through a point in time. If not specified, the date is either the current date for the project, or the system date. 
The cost amounts above are calculated using the -1 row rates defined in the NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS for the specific resource and project combination. The NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS table gets populated only with -1 task rows if the on-the-fly rate matrix setting is enabled, and the Rate Matrix Extraction job is not run. This -1 row comes from the team settings. 

To check if the on-the-fly rate matrix extraction setting is enabled, the following select query can be run on the database: 

select value from cmn_option_values
where option_id = (select id from cmn_options where option_code='PRJ_RT_RATES_EXTRACTION');

A value of 1 indicates the setting is enabled. 
A value of 0 indicates the setting is disabled. 

Alternatively, as of PPM and, the on-the-fly rate matrix extraction setting is now available via the UI under Administration - Health Report - Application tab. 

If the on-the-fly rate matrix setting is enabled, and the Rate Matrix Extraction job is not run, this can cause cause issues where the BCWS, BAC and Schedule % Complete values do not calculate as expected. The on-the-fly rate matrix will populate the  NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS table with a -1 row for a resource and project combination, but will do so with the current project dates at that time that the resource is added to the project team. Therefore, the resource will have no rate on dates before or after the original project finish dates, so a rate of $1 will be used in OWB for those periods. This is due to the rate on the -1 row not getting automatically updated to reflect the new project dates . The only way to get the -1 row updated in the  NBI_PROJ_RES_RATES_AND_COSTS to reflect the new project dates is to run either the incremental or full Rate Matrix Extraction job.
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