Scalability Server appears with IP address instead name

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Last Modified Date : 01/06/2018
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In DSM Explorer in All Computers folder, the IP Address appears in Scalability Server column name instead the name.

Why ? And how to display the Scalability Server Name ?

In this example below, the 2 first computers have the IP address of Scalability Server in Scalability Server column :

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On Scalability Server when cserver plugin starts its registration process, it sends a message to cmobjectmanager on ITCM Domain asking to do a IP address to name resolution.

cmobjectmanager does the IPAddress to Name resolution and sends the result to cserver plugin.

In TRC_CM_OBJECT_MANAGER*.log following lines appear :
cmObjectMa|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|INFO   | CCFOSGeneral::GetNameFromAddress: pszAddress: ""
cmObjectMa|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|INFO   | CCFOSGeneral::GetNameFromAddress: trying GetNameInfoW
cmObjectMa|cfOSServices    |cfOSServices        |000000|INFO   | CCFOSGeneral::GetNameFromAddress: resolved to:

Windows function GetNameInfoW is executed on ITCM Domain machine. But if IPAddress to Name resolution is not possible, it sends the IPAddress as result to cerver plugin on Scalability Server.

In TRC_CSERVER_*.log we could see the answer received in these lines :
cserver   |cmRegister      |ccoRegister.cpp     |000270|NOTIFY | Registration FQName    : ''
cserver   |cmRegister      |ccoRegister.cpp     |000271|NOTIFY | Registration IPAddress : ''
cserver   |cmRegister      |ccoRegister.cpp     |000272|NOTIFY | Registration MACAddress: ''
cserver   |cmRegister      |ccoRegister.cpp     |000273|NOTIFY | Registration Subnetmask: ''

Registration FQName is the IP Address instead the name.

DOMAIN could not do the ipaddress to name resolution;

On DOMAIN ITCM "nslookup ipaddress" command does not work. 
But "nslookup name" is working

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DNS Server could find the IP address name from the name. But the reverse resolution is not working

- Configure DNS Server used by ITCM Domain machine to allow the IPAddress to Name resolution.
(Configured DNS rervers on ITCM Domain could be seen using ipconfig /all command)

- A temporary solution is to update the file %windir%\system32\drivers\etc\hosts on ITCM Domain Manager by adding lines for Scalability Servers with problem.

Example :  JY_PC5

And execute this on the Scalability Server :
cserver register -a

Then when DNS server has been updated, added lines in hosts file could be removed.