SB78-5C abends starting CA Dispatch after upgrading the z/OS operating system

Document ID : KB000011361
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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You're attempting to start CA Dispatch after upgrading the z/OS operating system and you receive a SB78-5C abend. 


What caused this abend and how can it be prevented?


The abend is due to the KEY used to run the CA Dispatch product and it's related components. By default, we use KEY 8. CA Dispatch operating in any user protection key fails with ABEND code B78-5C when ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(NO) is specified in the active DIAGxx SYS1.PARMLIB member. With current z/OS operating systems, ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(NO) is the supplied default.

An immediate approach to resolving the SB78-5C abend is to set DIAGxx parmlib member with ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(YES). However, this may not be possible at some sites. The alternative resolution to this abend is that you are going to have to change the CVKEY that CA Dispatch is running under. 

To change the CVKEY used by CA-Dispatch you will need to refer to STEP 14 in the CA Dispatch Installation guide. Here, we document "Step 14A - Change the CA Dispatch CVKEY" and provide  detailed instructions on what needs to be done to change the CVKEY.


CA Dispatch operating in "user" protection keys 8 through 15 will get the B78-5C abend.

With ALLOWUSERKEYCSA(NO) specified, you can only use keys 0 through 7.