Saving an instance's properties page containing a custom attribute of type Calculation with more than 20 characters in its value results in a "Value is too large" error.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Saving a properties page containing a read-only field (custom calculated attribute) with more than 20 characters in the value results in a "Value is too large" error.


Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Log into Clarity as the administrator
  2. Go to the admin tool
  3. Click on Objects within the Clarity Studio
  4. Filter and select the Project object
  5. Click on Attributes
  6. Click on New to create a new calculated string attribute
  7. Enter the Attribute Name, ID and Description
  8. Select the Data Type "Calculated"
  9. Select the Result Data Type "String"
  10. Click on Save
  11. Select the [Build Calculated Attribute] link on the Calculation field
  12. Select the Function "Concat"
  13. Select the Attribute Name (ID) as Argument 1 and select Created By (created by) from the list as the attribute
  14. Click on Generate
  15. Click on Validate (a message "ODF-0020: The expression syntax is valid show" should appear)
  16. Click on Submit
  17. Then Click on Submit again
  18. Click on Views for the project object
  19. Select the [Layout: Edit] link for the Project Properties page
  20. Click on the General link
  21. Click on the Properties & Layout icon next to Section
  22. Select the attribute from the Available column and Add the field to the Selected column
  23. Click on Submit
  24. Select Resources from the navigation bar
  25. Create a resource with a name having more than 20 characters
  26. Give the resource all Project Management rights as the global rights
  27. Log in as that user and select Projects from the navigation bar
  28. Click on New to create a new project
  29. Once you have entered the compulsory details, save the project
  30. Now the Project Properties page will appear. Notice the Created by custom attribute you created and the resource with over 20 characters name appears as the creator of the project
  31. Now simply again click on Save even without making any changes to the project properties


Expected Result:  Project should Save.

Actual Result: An error, "Value is too large" appears and the field then becomes editable.



Applies to all supported PAS environments until CA Clarity version 12.1.0.


Caused by CLRT-15364.


Resolved in CA Clarity 12.1.0.


To save the project again, delete the extra characters so that you only have 20 or less characters in the custom attribute you created, then click on Save. The project is then saved without any error messages and the full resource name re-appears (more than 20 characters). However, if you try to save the project again, the same error re-appears and you will have to apply the workaround again to save the project.


Additional Information:

Reference Release Notes and CA PPM Resolved Defects Index for CA Clarity 12.1