Save As function does not rename the Tab in ARD

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Last Modified Date : 29/06/2018
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In ARD, I have an existing flow/model saved as a file named A1.vtf. After making modifications to the flow and running the "save as" feature to save the model with the name A1_v1.vtf, we see the new file getting created. But when opening the new file in ARD, the Tab still reflects the original file name A1. The 'save as" feature is not changing the Tab name for the new file.
What you are seeing is expected in ARD. When you use the “save as” option to save the flow to a file, we create the vtf file with the filename provided. For example, I created a test flow and saved it to a file, named “Test.vtf”. I then modified the flow, and saved a copy of it as “Test_v1.vtf”.
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When I open the Test_v1.vtf file in ARD, I noticed that the tab name displays “Test” and not “Test_v1”, which is to be expected. When you do a “save as” to save the modified flow/model to a new file, we only create the new vtf file. As you can see below, when I open bot the “Test.vtf” and “test_v1.vft” file, I have two tabs with the same name.
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We do not modify the Flow/model properties. If you want the tab name to reflect the file name, you will need to modify the Flow/Model properties. To do this right-click on the tab, and select “Properties”.
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This will open the Properties dialog Window. You can then change the Title, Short name, and Description, to reflect the filename, or any other important information you want to document for this file.
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When you save the changes, the tab in ARD will be updated with the new name and an *. The * symbol indicates that changes to the flow have been made. When you save the flow, the * will be removed.
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