SARTPI48 and SARPAC05 Errors, on Input Tape to SARPAC

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Last Modified Date : 03/01/2019
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The client ran a SARDBASE MERGE of several View databases, and is running SARPAC to move the reports to appropriate tapes.

In the SARPAC run, the following errors are received:
 . SARTPI48 Invalid header located for file
 . SARPAC05 *** Error on input tape ***
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The SARTPI48 message (SARTPI48 Invalid header located for file)  is received when the report in question's Sysout header record information (its index GCR record) is in disagreement with the sysout identifying information (Sysout ID, Generation, Sequence) of the sysout that has been positioned to on an archival tape.

The SARPAC05 message is received, in a SARPAC run, when the report to be moved has its information in disagreement with the tape positioning.

To address the problem tape, typically the resolution is to:

 . Run SARTSLST on the tape, having a //CTLCARDS DD to create 80-byte records, to see what reports View considers as being active.
 . Run a SARTCP tapemap on the tape (//TAPEIN DD ... only), to see what all reports are on the tape and are accessible.
 . From the //CTLCARDS file, immediately run any /CHANGE transactions through SARBCH.
  This will ensure that a report, which was on the disk layer, will get backed up to tape again at the next View backup.
 . From the remaining //CTLCARDS file, review any /DELETE transactions.
   Run the transactions through SARBCH, only upon where the tape has no change for recovery.

Upon correction, the SARPAC can be run again.
Note: Any tapes that are output of SARPAC are considered to be active and viable tapes, regardless of the outcome of the SARPAC run.