SARSTC Terminates on S300 RC4

Document ID : KB000124570
Last Modified Date : 15/01/2019
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The client experienced a S300-04 condition, terminating their SARSTC task, due to the filling of their Forward Recovery Dataset, by a very large report.


CA View - Release 14.0
The client placed the large sysouts on HOLD, and were then able to get the View SARSTC task to run.

As space needs in a Forward Recovery Dataset (FRDS) may peak at time, exceeding all that is being allocated, Forward Recovery will do its own recovery by creating another file.

A SD37-04 condition can be addressed with issuing command "/F sarstc,INEW", to run a View interim backup, which will clear the content of the FRDS.

Unless the usage of the FRDS is monitored in some way, it is best to set the SARINIT RCVPRIM=... and RCVSEC=... parameters to an amount of space that is comfortable, but with also being able to accommodate peak times.

Where possible, consider using SARINIT TAPECLSL=... (where whatever is in TAPECLSL must also be in CLSL), which can write large reports directly to tape, skipping its being on the disk layer, which will save FRDS space.