SARFSS cartriges scratched before the date.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Needs to keep the SAR tapes even if they abend.

If VIEW is abending tapes and ABE retention is being set on the EXPDT will set to EXPDT=LDATE/nnn where nnn is the value of the ABE parameter coded in the TMOOPT00 and the volume will be scratched when EXPDT will be reach the LDATE/nnn.

This could cause the tapes to scratch earlier than expected.                                                                                           



There are 2 methodes:

1) code the TMSUX2B exit to bypass the abend retention for these datasets. 


2) use the RDS to override the abend retention 


In order for the RDS to override the retention when a file has abended, you have to code the ABEND=RETPD=xx or ABEND=EXPDT=xxxxxxx on the RDS rule (separate line for each data set):                                    







You will only need to add the SELECT=ALL statement for the first time in order to pick up any data sets in the past that had the ABEND flag on.    

After that, with the ABEND statement in the RDS, you will no longer need the SELECT=ALL statement.  You will also need to add the PARM of DSNBS if you want to update secondary files.                                       


Please keep in mind that the ABEND override will work for the S122 abend that you are experiencing, but there are some system abends that CA-1 does not see, i.e. SBxx, SDxx, so the ABEND bit would not be turned on.  Since you are receiving the S122 abend, this would not affect you, but I wanted  you to know in case you have these other types of abends on these data sets.

The RDS file is the file used in input during the TMSEXPDT or

on the //TMSRDS DD DISP=SHR,DSN=SAMS.CA1.RDS * REALTIME RETENTION if the one is coded on the TMSINIT. 

To can override EXPDT or RETPD values supplied by the JCL you need to set the Retention Override (RO) parameter in TMOOPTxx to YES.

To load this value, a TMSINIT should be restarted.

If the RDS file is coded during the start of TMSINIT, once that this one has been modified, TMSINIT should be started.