SAP job is aborting with error: U02004081 Error in function 'BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP': 'User <User> is unknown', Type: 'E', ID:'BT', number: '071'

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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Error Message :
U02004081 Error in function 'BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP': 'User CPIC is unknown', Type: 'E', ID:'BT', number: '071'

When executing a SAP job, the following error shows up in the Agent tab of the job report.
​2017-11-4 20:52:05 - U02000005 Job 'JOBS.SAP_ABAP.RSUSR003' with RunID '1055004' started. 
2017-11-4 20:52:05 - U02004018 The job was successfully interpreted. 
2017-11-4 20:52:05 - U02004024 SAP job 'SAP.TESTJOB' with number '20520500' was created successfully. 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 - U02004081 Error in function 'BAPI_XBP_JOB_ADD_ABAP_STEP': 'User <User> is unknown', Type: 'E', ID:'BT', number: '071' 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 User <User> is unknown 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 Diagnosis 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 You have entered a user who is not defined in the SAP system as the 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 "authorizations user" for a job step. (The program in a job step runs 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 under the authorizations of the authorizations user.) 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 System Response 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 No action taken. 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 Procedure 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 Check the user ID (user maintenance authorization required) and correct 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 your specification. 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 - U02004000 Could not create job step with report 'RSUSR003' and variant 'TEST'. 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 - U02004042 Deleting SAP job 'SAP.TESTJOB' with number '20520500'. 
2017-11-4 20:52:06 - U02004025 Job-script execution was aborted. 
OS Version: N/A
Cause type:
Root Cause: There is a space between the client number and the SAP user in the login object.
This error can be generated when there is no user in the login object.
Another occurrence can be a space in the field "Login info" between the client and user name info.


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