SAP Account passwords are converted to uppercase even if the SAP basis component is 750

Document ID : KB000076813
Last Modified Date : 11/04/2018
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Problem with SAP R3 endpoint types when changing account password.
For SAP R3 endpoints with SAP basis component version as 750 the SAP Account passwords are converted to uppercase.
But they should not be converted because since SAP basis component version 700, the account passwords are case sensitive.

The SAP Basis Component version is not properly evaluated since 750 into the SAP R3 java connector plug-in.
Running the BAPI_HELPVALUES_GET function module and reading resulting entries from the HELPVALUES table;
We are expecting to find a "SAPKB" patch name and its release but since 750 version there is no more  Help Values Patch - SAPKB.
As the SAP Basis Component version is not evaluated as it should be, the connector works as for the old versions and converts the password to uppercase.

This is a workaround.
As the calculated SAP basis version is NOT equal to or higher than 700 (due to a wrong calculation in this case) then the SAP R3 java connector plug-in can consider the convertPasswordToUpperCase flag.

So copy the SAMPLE.connector.xml to connector.xml  into the <Connector Server Home>\jcs\conf\override\sap folder and
modify this <Connector Server Home>\jcs\conf\override\sap\connector.xml file to change the flag from true to false as following:
<property name="convertPasswordToUpperCase"><value>false</value></property> 
Then restart the JCS service.