S806 or "Module not found" errors on the ARBTREPT and/or RDBTREPT programs.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Release 11.0 of CA Dispatch was the last release of Dispatch to use the ARBTREPT and RDBTREPT programs. For Dispatch release 11.7, the program names were changed.


In release 11.7, OLD Program ARBTREPT is now PGM=CADSARPT:

in PROC= CADSTMIG (job DSEXTMIG) and also



In release 11.7, OLD program RDBTREPT is now PGM=CADSRRPT:

in PROC= CADSVIEW (job DSEXVIEW) and also



Both NEW programs were placed into the 11.7 CADSLOAD library during installation.

As a reminder, if you have upgraded and will be running under release 11.7 of Dispatch, you need to begin executing the 11.7 versions of all of the batch maintenance processes and utility jobs.

For more information, refer to release 11.7 documentation update RI52146 which outlines/confirms some of the other release 11.7 changes.


* Please refer to Chapter 7 in the 11.7 Installation Guide entitled "Starting your Product" and specifically, the topic called "Tailor the Execution JCL" on or about page 134. All of your execution JCL is going to need to be updated to point to the 11.7 libraries (CADSJCL, CADSOPTN, CADSPROC, CADSLOAD, etc...).