S0D3-13 abend in Compuware job. Seeing reference to ENF/DB2 module CASR230 in trace.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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A Compuware job that interfaces with a DB2 region experiences a S0D3-13 abend with the last thing that occurred in the system trace being a return to the CA module CASR230. After review of the dump by CA support engineers the problem area pointed to IBM DB2 module DSNTAAL. CA requested that IBM take a look at the dump. IBM came back asking about CA module CASR230R since this was seen in the SYSTRACE. CA responded that CASR230R is a front end intercept for DSNTAAL. It is dynamically installed when the DB2 region is initialized and would be driven for any PC invocation of DSNTAAL. Upon further review of the dump by CA support it appears the S0D3 abend occurs because the reusable-ASN bit, bit 63, in the located ASN-second-table entry (ASTE) is on. This is an IBM control block for handling cross-memory processing. Module CASR230R was reviewed further along with the mechanism that installs it. Neither of these alter this IBM control block. So once again we asked Compuware and IBM to review and respond. Compuware stated the reusable-ASN bit is set because its started task was started with REUSASID=YES.


CA Common Services r14.1, IBM DB2, Compuware

After discussions between the CA, IBM, and Compuware support teams it was determined that the problem was due to an IBM DB2 restriction as DB2 officially does not support the ASID Reuse facility


Alter Compuware job to run without REUSEASID=YES