S0C4/AKEA or AEI0 at CICS startup after upgrading CICS to CTS 5.2 (CICS 6.9).

Document ID : KB000044549
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After upgrading to CTS 5.2 (CICS 6.9) under CA Ideal 14.0 and CA IPC 14.0, CICS startup fails with a S0C4/AKEA.   




1.  Make sure that RO69663 for CA IPC r14 is applied.  This will give you CTS 5.2 (CICS 6.9) support.

2.  Make sure that the two new VPE modules VPEHJE69 and VPEHJN69 are defined with EXECKEY CICS (see the ++HOLD section of RO69663).

To verify this, in CICS, issue the command CEMT I PROG(VPEHJE69) 

    S to expand the file

you should see Execkey(Cexeckey)