Running the Applyptf tool on a Windows system with Norwegian localization fails with a message that it cannot connect to the registry.

Document ID : KB000008942
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When running the ApplyPTF tool from the CA Service Desk Manager primary server by double-clicking on the executable, even though the hostname of the local machine has been correctly entered in the "To Node" field, Applyptf fails and reports that the registry cannot be read.

For example, if the hostname is 'SDMW8B3', then the ApplyPTF message refers to 'SDMW8B3:', as shown in the following screenshot:



CA Service Desk ManagerApplyptf version 3.1.4 WindowsLocale is Norwegian

When the Windows locale is Norwegian, Applyptf adds a colon as a suffix to the hostname and then attempts to read the registry for a node with that name.  Because the node name no longer matches the hostname of the server, Applyptf attempts to locate the server with that name within the network and to read its registry.  Applyptf reports that the registry cannot be read.


Run applyptf in silent mode from the command line.

Additional Information:

To view the command line options of the ApplyPTF command, change the current directory to the directory that contains APPLYPTF.exe and then enter "Applyptf /?" on the command line. The results should be similar to the information in the following screenshot: