running smpolicysrv -stats or -publish returns "The specified server is not currently running." (Legacy_Onyx KB Id: 176999)

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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From the command line in C:\Program Files
etegrity\siteminder\bin - running smpolicysrv -stats or smpolicysrv -publish C:\temp.txt return - "The specified server is not currently running." Both service_policys and smpolicysrv.exe are running processes in Task Manager. SiteMinder service has been restarted from smconsole.


If smpolicysrv is running as a service and you execute the smpolicysrv with a switch like -stats or -publish, you are starting a second smpolicysrv process that communicates the resulting instruction to the first smpolicysv process that is running as a service.

If the first process is running, the "The specified server is not currently running" message indicates that the second process with the -stats or -publish switch cannot find or cannot communicate with the first process.

Common reasons for this message when the original smpolicysrv process is running include:

  1. The second smpolicysrv process is being executed from a terminal service. Windows protects the system from certain communication or interprocess functions run in terminal service mode. You should use "mstsc /console" if using remote desktop instead of "mstsc".

  2. The second process is being executed by a different user that does not have the necessary rights and privileges. This is common with non-administrators.