Running processors in earlier endevor releases

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Last Modified Date : 22/05/2018
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Will a processor prepared for a given endevor release (for example, 18.0) run in an earlier endevor release (for example, 16.0)
Processors prepared for a particular endevor release will compile ok in a lower release as long as they don't use any new feature which is not supported at the former release.

In the 16.0-18.0 case, the new features supported by 18.0 and NOT by 16.0 are:
- Conditional allocation, that is, ALLOC=COND in a DD statement (note that ALLOC=LMAP and ALLOC=PMAP are supported at 16.0)
- Allocation of PDS/E version 2 datasets (DSNTYPE=(LIBRARY,n) keyword in a DD statement