Running multiple Boot Servers in Same Subnet for separate Client Automation Environments

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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2 companies share the same branch office and both have client automation environments. They both wish to use OSIM and need to have a boot server on the same subnet.

Each boot server must only respond to a specific companies computers


There is a configuration parameter for OSIM specifically designed for this type of situation

  • Use answer control list
    • If UseACL is set to 0, the Boot Server will answer all PXE requests from known and unknown computers immediately.
    • If set to 1, it answers known computers immediately but unknown computers only after a period of retries.
    • If set to 2 it answers known computers only.


The default configuration is 1 which is not suitable for the scenario above as both boot servers can answer all PXE requests on the subnet.

For this scenario the correct setting is UseACL=2

Each Boot server will now only respond to PXE requests from computers that are already known to the boot server.

This does however mean that the OSIM targets will not automatically be populated as OSIM targets when they PXE boot instead it is required to manually register the target PC with the boot server.

This is achieved in 1 of 2 ways

  • New Computer pre-registration
  • OS Installation Wizard

New Computer pre-registration

  1. Right click on All Computers and Select "New Computer"

  2. Select the "Use OS Installation Management to setup a new operating system" Checkbox and enter the mac address

  3. Define the rest of the values and complete the wizard selecting an OS image and the scalability server
  4. When the wizard is finished the Computer will not only exist in All Computes but also will be a registered OSIM target


OS Installation Wizard

  1. Right click on a computer under "All Computers" and select "OS Installation..."

  2. Complete the wizard selecting the OS Image and Boot Server
  3. Once completed the PC will be registered to the Boot server as an OSIM target


Using either of these methods will register the PC to the boot server and allow it to be targeted for an OSIM job.