Running Gen 8.5 Interim Release 4 when opening certain models (.dat files) see message "The model will be updated to support more than 64K strings"

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Running latest Gen 8.5 Interim Release 4.

When open certain models (existing .dat files) see message 

The model will be updated to support more than 64K strings, which results a change in the .DAT files. The new files cannot be read by an older release of the Gen 8.5 Toolset, but the model/subset may still be downloaded to an older release of the Gen 8.5 Toolset. Do you want to continue? 



Gen 8.5 IR2 and later

Gen 8.6



  1. Gen 8.5 IR2 R2 brought some new features like CALL EXTERNAL & support for a model limit of half a million string properties compared to the older 64K limit.
  2. Any model .dat files not previously opened with IR2 or later release will see the message.
  3. After the user confirms "Yes" to the "Do you want to continue?" question then the .dat files will be converted to handle more than 64k strings and the message will no longer appear when the model is reopened.


Additional Information:

Gen 8.5 IR2 Release Notes WKS85002.pdf

Solution Document for RO77294 > INCREMENTAL RELEASE # 2 - WKS85002

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