Running a job without a login object

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Last Modified Date : 14/04/2018
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In order to facilitate this, a new HOSTCHAR will need to be created for the Agent that will be running these jobs. The steps are as follows:

(Note: this will make the Agent that is being modified able to run without a login object specified for all jobs, but not for File Transfers)


1.Log into Client 0
   Navigate to the HOST_VARIABLES folder
   Locate the UC_HOSTCHAR_DEFAULT Variable



2.Right click -> Duplicate/Link/Move
   Place the duplicate Variable in the same folder
   Open the new Variable, and change ANONYMOUS_JOB to Y
   Save and exit the Variable



3.Navigate to the EX_VARIABLES folder
   Locate and open the UC_EX_HOSTCHAR Variable



Look in the Key column for the Agent name that is to be modified (a row may need to be added if the Agent does not appear there), and change the value to UC_HOSTCHAR_AGENTNAME
Save and exit the Variable

4.Outside of the UI, navigate to the Agent's /bin directory. Once there, open the Agent's .ini file for editing, and change the logon= line to logon=0. This line can be found under the [GLOBAL] header. Once this has been saved, the Agent should now start jobs under the Agent's OS user.