Running a job that has MVL Parameters does not work properly when invoking the job from Classic View [Actions Menu]

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Last Modified Date : 27/11/2018
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Running the “Post to WIP” job via Action Menu and adding all values to multiple select fields (Entry Type and Transaction Type), the job runs only using the last values in these fields. All other values for those parameters are lost. 

NOTE: This is a GENERIC ISSUE when executing a job that has MVL parameters -  The selected MVL values are not shown in the log.  Therefore, the user does not know if the pre-defined selected values were passed into the job or not.

  1. Administration, Studio: Objects, Project Object
  2. Go to the Project Object - Actions Tab
  3. Click 'New' button to create a new Action for the 'Post to WIP Job' **OR** 'Delete Process Instances' job (both jobs have MVL Parameters)
    1. Action Name = 'Run Post to WIP Job' 
    2. Action ID = 'action1'
    3. Type = Job
    4. Select Job = Post to WIP
    5. Scope = Global
    6. In the Parameters section, select multiple values for ALL the multi-value lookup (MVL) fields
    7. Click 'Save and Return' button
  4. Go to the Project Object - Views Tab
    1. For the Project Properties view - click [Actions Menu] link
    2. Click into 'General' and move this new action from 'Available Actions' to 'Selected Actions' 
    3. Click 'Save and Return' button
  5. Go to Home, Projects and open any project
    1. From the properties page, click [Actions] menu and select the new action created 'Run Post to WIP Job'
    2. Click Yes on the dialog box
    3. Click Close on the dialog box to see the job log
    4. Open the job log and see the data values for the job and you will notice that only 1 selected value is appearing for all the MVL fields that had more than 1 value defined on the administration Action configuration

Expected Results: All MVL fields should include all values selected on the action configuration.
Actual Results: The MVL fields only show 1 of the selected values.
Workaround: Do not create an action to run the job - Run the job through standard Jobs pages.
CA PPM 15.x
This is caused by Defect DE45241
Defect DE45241 is being fixed in 15.6.0