Running a canned CICS transaction report (CICS017) and getting no results

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Trying to create a CICS transaction report and using the canned report CICS017 as sample. But no data is displayed in the output when running the report from and SMF file. Running the report against the LOGGER file, works fine.


Check in the SYSVIEW member in the Sysview PARMLIB if the compressing is set to NO.
If you check your SMF datasets there are in fact SYSVIEW/CICS SMF255:27 records. But if you check closer, they have been compressed by SYSVIEW before placing them into SMF. This compression is native to SYSVIEW, so later when IFASMFDx reads the SMF record, it does not decompress the record because it does not know it is compressed in the first place, let alone it does not know how to decompress the record. 

All of these options need to be set to NO: 

SMF-CICSSYSD-Compression NO 
SMF-CICSTRAN-Compression NO 
SMF-CICSTSUM-Compression NO 
SMF-CICSXLOG-Compression NO 

With the above options set to NO, SYSVIEW will not send compressed records to SMF and IFASMFDx will be able to read the uncompressed records, thus allowing Report Writer to read the record. 

And also have set the options: