RSTLOG only working from one system

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Last Modified Date : 10/10/2018
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While rolling out HSM Recall logging with Vantage on a two LPAR sysplex, I'm only getting logging from one system even though both are doing recalls .

RSTLOG has the same dataset name on both systems. 
RSTLOG VSAM has been defined with RLS 
RSTMON is set to yes in both parms 
IGDACSSC is in an library in the LPA list and system was IPL'ed with CLPA 
ARCRDEXT is in a linklisted library 
HSM on both systems has SETSYS EXITON(ARCRDEXT) set 

I see the message: 
VKG0329I Restore Activity Log Monitor is Active in both Vantage started tasks 

There are no errors shown for security nor the RSTLOG dataset. 

Any ideas on what I've missed?
Both Lpars were not at the same PTF level as expected.
One Lpar is missing the RO99407 and the use of the new IGDASCSC module.
After installing the PTF and activate the change in LPA with an IPL all is working fine now.