RPS - Roscoe Printing Services - What you need to know

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This is an overview of setting up your Roscoe Printing network.  Before you start, you must create a RPS environment definition for your CA Roscoe RPS network called RPSGEN. The definition consists of the following macros: RPSGEN, RPSPRNTR, JESPRNTR, RPSDEST, RPSDLIST, RPSTERM and RPSGEND.


By default you are limited to a maximum of 500 printers and 5000 terminals. To raise the limit to 9999 printers, please apply APAR RO02921 RPSGEN FAILS WITH ASMA013S WITH LARGE INPUT FILES.


  1. A sample RPS environment definition is placed in member #RPSENV in the RO60OPT data set. You must modify it for your site.
  2. USERMOD MRO6013 found in the CA Roscoe SAMPJCL file will assemble RPSGEN and link-edit it as member #RPSENV into your Roscoe target library. 
  3. If you get the message ROS505E RSPGEN failure invalid version for #RPSENV, verify that you have specified #RPSENV as the initial tag, and not another name, then reassemble RPSGEN using MRO6013.   NOTE: It must be #RPSGEN, not RPSGEN.

If you get the message RPS03 REQUEST QUEUE FULL - TRY AGAIN LATER, it indicates that the print spool is full. To clear the print spool, issue the operator command:


WARNING: This will flush the entire print spool. Alternatively, you can delete individual print files which are stored under the RPS prefix (by default) and restart RPS. It may be necessary to increase the QSIZE and SPOOLIM parameter values in the RPSGEN macro.

  1. To eliminate printing of the separator pages, remove "SEP" or "RSEP" and include "NOSEP" in the FEATURE1 field of the printer definition to temporarily eliminate separator pages from printing, include "NOSEP" as an operand on the print request.

Additional Information:

You can read more about establishing a Printing Network Environment in Chapter 8 of the Roscoe System Reference GuideRefer to the CA Roscoe System Reference Guide, Section 8.3 for more information about RPSGEN.