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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This message is not in the CA Roscoe Messages and Codes Guide.


ROS206E indicates there is a problem with the ROSLIBS. A user has signed off CA ROSCOE and CA ROSCOE is unable to update the user's profile member (UPS.pfx) due to a library error. LBRBECDE refers to the LIBI request code and LBRBXRC is the LIBI extended return code. LIBI is the interface to the CA Roscoe user library subsystem.

Here are the LBRBXRC extended return codes for the ROS206E message:

  LBRBXBRB EQU   1        Bad LBRB (Internal error)
  LBRBXBFN EQU   2        Requested function not allowed for current library state. (Internal error)
  LBRBXSTO EQU   3        Stack Overflow  (Internal error)
  LBRBXNFD EQU   4        Module Not Found
  LBRBXPRT EQU   5        Function requested was intercepted by a protection exception.
  LBRBXERR EQU   6        I/O Error
  LBRBXSPC EQU   7        More space need in ROSLIB0n, but the file was full.
  LBRBXPOS EQU   8        Sequence Number not in Range
  LBRBXEOF EQU   9        End Of File Was Detected
  LBRBXIVK EQU   10       Invalid Key
  LBRBXBSY EQU   11       Library resource did not become available within a reasonable period of time.
  LBRBXNWF EQU   12       RENAME failed because the new member already exists.
  LBRBXSOF EQU   13       Encountered Start of File Condition 
  LBRBXBAP EQU   14       Bad Parameter List
  LBRBXMSD EQU   15       Missing DD Statement
  LBRBXBIX EQU   16       Bad Index File
  LBRBXNCR EQU   17       Not enough storage to execute LIBI  interface.
  LBRBXISP EQU   18       Not enough space for additional index entries in ROSLIB00.
  LBRBXLIM EQU   19       User Exceeded Limit
  LBRBXIVP EQU   20       Invalid Prefix
  LBRBXDIS EQU   21       Request for Disable Encountered
  LBRBXKTF EQU   22       Key Table Full
  LBRBXBCT EQU   23       Invalid LBCT
  LBRBXBMU EQU   24       Member Updated While in Use

Some of these error codes are self-explanatory. For assistance, please contact CA Support.